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Core technology


· The technology which is using house or in various industry compare to existing high cost Indium Tin Oxide

· The world first technology for coating and processing profitable products using NANO21 which can be heated up to 500℃ degree

· The technology can be applied for various fields such as sheet resistance control, transparent heater for semiconductor and clear electrode etc.

The process of NANO21 Ultrathin Coating

· The coating solution which is made up of metal compound and mineral

· NANO21 is over 20% competitive compare to electric resistance object

- Rapidly change from low temp to high temp – water tankless application

- Temp change tech. in terms of NANO21 arrangement and thickness control of ultrathin coating layer

- It can be applied in various field using Multi – Layer Coating

· Coating Method

- Prismatic thin coating using spray on the surface of non conductive object

· Feature

- Overcome the limitation existing ITO coating system

- Implementation of ultrathin coating technology by spray method under normal air pressure

- Low cost

- Applicable on the wide surface

- Applicable at various shape of material such pipe(inside/outside) etc.

Specification of NANO21

Description Specification
Transparency ≥ 98%
Sheet resistance density 0.3~0.8 w/㎤
Coating thickness 500Å~9000Å
Efficiency ≥ 96%
Heating principle Radiant heating
Applicable material Any kind of heat-resistant glass, ceramic, fiber, etc.
Applicable coating Size Tube Non limitation
Plate Non limitation
Others Non limitation
Corrosion resistance Very strong

Performance comparison

  • NX Description Metal resistance object
    96% Heat efficiency 90%
    827 Kcal 774
    X CO2, CO O
    X Efficiency changes O
    Strong Chemical resistance Weak
    Strong Acid resistance Weak
    Strong Moisture resistance Weak
    X Oxidation / Corrosion O
    Instant heating Fluid heating system Heat storage
    Radiant heating Air heating system Convection
    X Maintenance O
    O Original technology X
    Semi permanent Period of use Frequent replacement
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  • H/Q & Factory

    ADD. 450-7, Daedong-ro, Daeso-myeon, Umsung-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
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